Sculptra Aesthetic

Sculptra is a facial inject able that is injected under the skin. Sculptra Aesthetic is formulated from poly-L-lactic acid, a major component of milk,  which helps to replace the aging-related collagen loss. The main constituent of Sculptra Aesthetic is a biodegradable, bio compatible synthetic compound that has been used by clinicians over decades. It is a sugar molecule which repeats itself over and over again until it is finally formed into tiny micro spheres. These tiny little “balls” are in suspension when injected, but act like little “seeds” which stimulate the surrounding cells to make collagen.

A full course of treatment of Sculptra requires an average of three injection sessions for few months, and the treatment course can last more than two years, depending on the degree of skin correction. It is important to return for all sessions to achieve maximum/desired treatment benefits.

Sculptra is the first facial injectable that can provide subtle, natural-looking appearance, long-lasting results by naturally replacing the collagen. Many patients are very happy with concept of using this material to maintain youthful-looking skin with repeated injection over a longer period of time.

Sculptra Aesthetic works deep in the skin

Sculptra Aesthetic works within the deep dermis and reinforce your skin’s structure by replacing aging-related collagen loss. Collagen reinforcement by Sculptra acts as a skin foundation that helps the skin to gradually restore the natural look, fullness of your moderate to deep facial wrinkles and folds that develops over time.

What result we can expect?

Sculptra is different from other similar available treatments. It provides gradual and subtle correction of facial wrinkles. As the appearance of treatment benefits is gradual, you can experience refined, more youthful appearance that lasts long for years.

If you opt for Sculptra, you’ve more time to experience how sensational subtle can be. Why are you waiting for? Come and experience the new anti-ageing therapy and boost your self-confidence.