Neck Suction

Patients with good neck skin quality have excellent results from liposuction alone. The results are often dramatic.

Neck liposuction is a short outpatient procedure with a very short recovery period.

Patients are given a small oral dose of relaxation medication which does not change the state of consciousness, but does make the experience more comfortable.

Dr Sadove will draw some lines on your neck and inject local anesthesia in the skin as you would at the dentist. Patients find this to be easy to experience. The entire neck area is numbed. A liquid is applied to the skin to clean it and sterile towels and drapes are placed around the area. You will be relaxed and comfortable in the professional atmosphere under Dr Sadove’s careful reassuring hands. During the treatment, a small hole is placed under your chin and you will be aware of a back and forth motion as the fat is extracted, which you will not find objectionable. The procedure is completed with an elastic velcro band which you will wear home and use for 24 hours. Little bruising is to be expected and most patient are back at work and driving in a few days. Pain pills are available, but most patients do not find the need to use them.

Alternative Treatments- Freezing and injecting
Injection and freezing is now being marketed to the public. It is no surprise. The rush to make a fast buck with the latest “miracle” wiz-bang is sadly rampant in the industry. Dramatic undocumented claims unfortunately follow. First, aesthetically we always treat what is called an aesthetic unit. For example, we would never peel part of a forehead unit or half of the abdomen in a tummy tuck. It always looks better this way. Injections and freezing do not treat the entire aesthetic unit of the neck. A clamp placed under the chin makes a hole in the location where it is placed. This is not aesthetic. It is a mechanical non artistic act.
Injections cause dramatic pain and swelling under the chin. The acid injected will burn a hole in whatever living tissue in which it comes in contact. This includes the nerve to your smile.
Cost Read the fine print….” most people see results after one treatment” Do you really want to throw away $4000 on multiple treatments, with pain and suffering in order to achieve a result which in the end is inferior to that which you could have achieved with one treatment by suction with a fast easy recovery? Such a fear of a quick anesthetic is clearly not in your best interest. All which is sold as “non-invasive” is not better.

However, the most powerful and lasting changes are created from open surgery via a small opening in the fold under the chin.