Lip Wrinkles

Vertical lines on the upper lip vary in severity. They are a common sign of aging and may be more severe in past smokers or people with stronger lip muscles. Their treatment varies according to the severity of the wrinkles.
Very mild wrinkles which are located on the vermilion border (lip line) are often improved with filler injected along the line of the lip. A CO2 laser peel under local anesthesia in the office is also often used to reduce wrinkles very effectively.

Deep vertical lines (wrinkles) of the lips can be effectively corrected by employing both the Fill & laser Re-Surface approach. The technique involves step-by-step procedures as follows:

• Initially, the peri-oral lip line is corrected by replacing the volume lost over the years. This can be achieved either using a temporary filler or with any other techniques that provide long-lasting benefits.
• This step is followed by resurfacing the area of interest with a CO2 laser.

The CO2 laser is known as an ablative laser because of the fact that the laser energy goes deeper into the skin. More superficial lasers will create a shorted recover time, put they can never compete with the effectiveness of the CO2 laser. This is because lip wrinkles are often deep and require a more aggressive deeper treatment in order to achieve a good result.

These acne procedures can be employed either alone in the office, or as a combined therapy at the time of a Facelift.
In severe cases of lip wrinkles, small dose of Botox may be required to reduce the lip muscle tone causing the folding of the skin.

This problem is known as “lipsitck bleed” because of the way that lipstick applied to the red part of the lip will go into the deep wrinkles at the edge of the red part of the lip. The correction of this problem is common and highly successful. Patients are very happy with the results and greatly enjoy how pleased they are with the significance of the change.