Laser Full Face

Also know as a laser peel, laser vaporization and fractional laser, can reduce facial wrinkles, scars and brown blemishes. Newer laser technologies along with Dr Sadove’s 25 years of experience give you a new level of confidence in safe long lasting extremely precise reduction in facial wrinkles.

Everyone wants soft, smooth, beautiful skin. Unfortunately, the passage of time and sun exposure can leave it less than perfect.

Since the 1990’s computer scanned CO2 laser resurfacing has  been the gold standard for a safe and very effective treatment for deep wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven pigmentation.


However, with the original CO2 laser there were many poorly qualified practitioners who jumped in and harmed some patients. Some had pain, risk of scarring, and sometimes long recovery periods. There was also the potential for prolonged facial redness, lightening of skin color, and the potential for infection that could lead to scarring. Experience made a very big difference in results. A pioneer in laser face treatment, Dr Sadove has lectured on laser facial renewal around the world.

Now there’s good news.

A new breed of computer scanning technology has been designed to reduce the risks and make this procedure much safer. This new treatment known as fractional Skin Repair delivers the lasers energy in tiny micro beams. The amount of untreated space between can be adjusted according to each patients needs. This results in fast and safe healing of the treated area.

Some patients with deep wrinkles around the mouth for example require a more aggressive treatment in order to obtain a good result. The higher the intensity, the longer the recovery, but with more impressive long lasting results. During the procedure, Dr Sadove scans the skin being treated with the fractional headpiece in a computer– controlled pattern.

During your consultation, you will tell Dr Sadove your concerns and goals. Together you can choose the treatment level that best suits your needs. Now you have the technology and experienced hand you need.

What can I expect after treatment?

Within the first 3-10 days following your treatment (depending on the depth of your wrinkles) there will be some crusting and redness. Most patients rest 3-10 days before they return to normal activities. Mild redness can last up to 6 weeks and is covered with special make-up. Darker skinned patients have a shorter period of redness and very fair, longer. Treatments are well tolerated with local anesthesia. Dr Sadove is highly experienced at injecting local anesthetic with a very fine needle as you would expect at the dentist. Depending on your  wrinkles and wishes, treatment may be under a deeper IV sedation in a Surgi-center. Dr Sadove and his staff will see you frequently and direct you every step of the way along your recovery.

Are the results permanent?

Patients with strong facial muscles around their eyes, forehead, and upper lip often require Botox a few times a year in order to keep their results. Some areas of the face last longer than others. Depending upon the depth of the treatment and individual characteristics, the face will keep a younger look for many years.

What is Fractional Repair?

Fractional Laser Repair is a popular procedure given a brand name for marketing purposes, for rejuvenation of the face skin. It is often adjusted to give a minimal downtime and result, especially by less professional care givers who are less proficient at local anesthesia.  Most patients will see modest temporary improvement in the appearance of sun spots, lines, wrinkles with a fresher more youthful skin tone. Scanned CO2 repair performed by Dr Sadove reaches deeper into the skin to produce more effective wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation.

With over 25 years of experience, Dr Sadove has treated laser patients from nearly every continent on earth. A pioneer in laser face treatment, he has lectured on laser facial renewal across –the world. Dr. Sadove has made over 100 scientific presentations at national meetings in 26 different countries.