Direct Excision Neckplasty

Direct excision neck lift is a procedure performed uncommonly. Many mature patients with excess skin on their neck ask for removal of the skin, in hopes of avoiding the longer procedure of incisions around the ears. It is also called a Direct Neck Lift. The problem with this procedure is that the scar is too often unsatisfactory and unpredictable. It can be fine for a man who will wear a life long beard but often not for others. Provided you understand full well the risk of an unsightly scar on the neck, it may be acceptable to a certain group of more mature patients who are willing to accept the neck scar. See Before and After Direct Excision Neck Lift

The main problem with Direct Excision Neckplasty is the scar. This is why so many experienced experts like Dr Sadove do not routinely perform this operation.  Much less time and experience is required for this direct excision operation and thus is less costly to the patients. While decreased cost and recovery is surely attractive, the dissatisfaction from the scar on the neck makes this an unhappy operation for too many. It certainly is understandable to hope for the success of a shorter operation, the scar is visible on the front of the neck and may heal in a thickened scar which is not under the control of the surgeon. While all want to avoid the higher cost, anesthesia, recovery, we must accept the reality of this seldom performed operation. Recovery is actually longer with direct excision than when performed with a facelift because there are no scars on the fron of the neck with a facelift and the patient is able to return to a normal life when scars are only around the ears.

Beware of marketing and less than full disclosure regarding the problems associated with this operation.